100% Conflict free - World’s top Diamond grading Certificates

We sell Diamonds with its original grading certificate after it has been tested and quality approved by one of World's top three internationally recognized diamond testing and grading laboratories.

GIA – Gemological Institute of America was established in 1931 and is the world’s most prestigious laboratory. Headquartered in the USA, GIA has the world’s leading grading standards and is the toughest authority on certifying diamonds.

EGL – European Gemological Laboratory

Established in 1975 at Antwerp, Belgium this laboratory has grown ​​in the last decade and is now present in more than 15 cities worldwide. 

HRD – Hoge Raad voor Diamant

Over more than 30 years, HRD Antwerp confirms the authenticity of diamonds and issues one of the world's most respected diamond certificates. 

 Authenticate all our Diamond's Certificates in the global database




All our certified diamonds have a unique laser engrade serial number, which is issued by the certifying laboratory.

This is an important feature for a Dizamond customer, as you are able to authenticate and view these certificates numbers online from the publicly available, GIA, IGI and HRD Diamond databases online.

Verify your unique Diamond Grading Certificate Number.

Check for the Laser Inscribed Certificate Number On Each Diamond and compare its propertied.

Check for the Diamond grading report online and verify the certificate from the respective international database.


Fabulous color range of Diamonds , precious and semi-precious gemstones.



  • Fancy cut Diamonds

  • Large  Rare Diamonds

  • Coloured Diamonds

  • Pointers and Caraters

  • Certified Diamonds

  • Melee Diamonds


We have Diamonds for sale to cater all clients ranging from private clients ,  international brands to large chain retailers to every price point, and small, specialty jewelers. Our access to hundreds of thousands of  round stones (0.005 points to 10+ carats) , princess diamonds (0.03 points to 10+ carats) and a vivid range of colored & fancy shapes – means we often cater all needs  from GIA ‘Triple Excellent’ diamonds to ‘Hearts and Arrows’ stones ! . Our range of Diamonds


Made locally in Europe and Asia for competitive prices in the market !


If you're wondering why our prices are so good, then let us tell you how we work.



As a direct distributor of Diamonds from the mining giant - De Beers DTC sightholders we are able to provide our customers with diamonds at a discounts, sometimes upto 45% on Rapaport International diamond rate list. However, in some instances, select qualities that are rare and is in short supply or subject to speculative demand may trade at significant premiums to ‘the List’. 


"Our diamonds are investment grade Diamonds "

Gold has risen by 500% since 1928, the diamond has experienced an increase in value of

more than 4000 % in the same period ".


(Excerpt from : "THE DIAMOND , Myth , Magic and Reality" , published by Karl Müller Verlag , Erlangen).


To successfully invest in diamonds one must deduct the profit margin of a famous retailer or wholesaler as your loss.

When you buy Diamonds from us you avoid all the additional premiums and achieve the highest rate of returns over time.



Diamonds can provide some of the biggest advantages out of all tangible assets in the world !


  • Resistant to Inflation and Bank-Failures.

  • Diamonds are not pegged to Stock markets and foreign currency reforms.

  • Anonymous Investment  (no registration of the investor, no governmental access)

  • Global convertibility: Diamond certificates are an internationally recognized in all countries.

  • Diamonds can be readily made available as substitute currency.

  • Tax- Free capital gains.

  • Gain value for your investment without maintenance costs.

  • Most mobile asset because it represents the smallest volume with the largest value.

  •  Anyone who appreciates security and international mobility will consider Diamonds


Conflict Free Diamond - Guarentee



As a promise to our customers, we will stop all relations with any of our vendors that violate this policy in our supply- chain.

We know the origin of our diamonds and will not source from conflict prone regions of the world.


Rest assured , every Diamond we sell , is 100% Conflict - Free


We source directly from mining companies such as the DTC (Diamond Trading Company),that strictly enforces the UN Charter and the Kimberly Process to source and distribute rough diamonds.

Sourced from members of Responsible Jewellery Council.  


Our manufacturers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council committed to enforce the RJC Code of Practices.

This Code of Practices addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.


Easy 5 Day Return Policy  


If, for any good reason, you decide not to keep the diamond, we will accept it back in its original condition. You must inform us within 5 business days from the date of receipt of the diamond and return it for full refund from the date of receipt.

Packaging and Insurance: You must insure the shipment before sending it back to us and Include all original condition with its packaging and materials. 



Sales Representatives in 3 Continents 


We are a Canadian company based in Toronto , Canada with our roots that traces its history back to Kerala , India.  We have offices and representatives in Austria , Canada & India. In case you have any questions or issues with our products , please contact us for more information. 




HD 3D Video & Images of Diamonds


This allows our Customer to see exactly how their Diamond looks up-close and in real before they buy. 


In order to make sure our Customer can see the exact Diamond that they wish to purchase , we offer HD Images and HD videos of our Diamonds before they buy. 


Registered Family owned company 1956.


We are over 70 years old family owned company that is a member of several trade unions and is legaly registered to operate in India , Austria (EU) and Canada.