We help everyone , starting from individuals who want to make their dream design gold rings or ornaments with precious stones and diamonds , goldsmiths and companies who wants to mass produce their products ,  designers and aspiring designers  to produce their design to final products.

Listed are some of our services to provide you seamless , worry-free , responsible jewelry & Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Services .



CAD Design and Product Development

Our designers   can create the original  mold necessary to getting your paper drawn sketches and design into production.







Computer aided design (CAD) is the use of computer technology which can design two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional models. The huge advantage that you have with CAD is that you can rotate and view the design from any angle and make any necessary changes to it. This software is used by architects, engineers, artists to create precision virtual models.

Wax Milling & Growing

Cyril Jewelers uses specialized equipment which takes the formatted information from the CAD file and allows it to be processed on an automated wax mill or grower. 






A completely finished 3D model is produced in a few hours when compared to a few days or even weeks when carved by hand.


Mold & Model Making

Quality molds and models are absolutely crucial in producing a flawless wax that can be accurately reproduced time and time again.

We can supply you with traditional vulcanized rubber, cold pour and state of the art polymer HD molds. Our molds come with a crosscut opening which provides a good seal and helps to facilitate an easy extraction of the wax. 


High Definition (HD) Design - SILVER BULLET MACHINE

Whether it is reproducing the intricate delicacy of a butterfly wing, capturing the fine details of a finger print, or faithfully reproducing the fine filigree work of a cherished heirloom; let us show you the wondrous capabilities of HD.These issues have led to the invention of HD polymer,  that allows you to create the latest design and pattern-making technologies that would have been impossible to do in the past! .  


The HD Silver Bullet unit is a hyperbaric pressure chamber and a light-curing machine for HD photopolymer pattern production as well as mould making.




Cyril Jewelers provides casting using the  up to date equipment in the industry.

We use  casting machines with an inert gas  environment to eliminate oxidation and improve the quality .


Traditional metal casting   from the tree . 

Cyril Jewelers is capable of handling  from one piece orders to 1000 pieces or more .


Laser Welding

At Cyril Jewelers products are welded using Laser welding machines.

Laser welding offers significant advantages over some traditional soldering techniques, including. Assembly of complex multi-color, multi component jewelry designs.



Stone Setting

Our experienced setters are skilled at a variety of setting tasks, from simple prong settings to the more difficult forms such as channel, gypsy, bezel, pave and micro-pave. Our clients have learned to expect only the highest quality setting work from us. This means your gemstones will be set straight, evenly and secure every time.


The combination of experienced hands and high-tech machines ensures successful results. Each step of the process works to bring out the all the beauty and details of our clients’ designs. All of our clients have learned that Cyril Jewelers means excellent work at a reasonable cost.





At Cyril Jewelers, our polishing experts are highly skilled in the process from laping and buffing to the application of antique, rhodium and surface finishes.


It is this careful attention to detail that ensures that every item that leaves our factory reflects our high standards of quality. Our clients count on us to save them time and money and we understand that.

Laser Engraving

Using advanced laser technology and marking software we enable new applications and bring laser marking and engraving to the highest standards in Jewelery Industry . We can engrave your custom logo or sentences  seamlessly on jewelery surfaces.