Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Services

Do you wish to manufacture a new unique line of jewelry seamlessly ?

Do you have an existing product line that you would like to manufacture 'worry-free' at a specific price-point and quality  ?

If you have an idea  or a design for making jewelry in gold , precious & semi-precious gemstones. Contact us and let us help you make it a reality.  



  1. We can manufacture over +10,000 designs of intricate fine designs of jewelry to your target ‘price-point’ and at the highest quality in the world.  This is our promise to you.
  2. We will only use 100% conflict-free, Certified GIA IGI HRD Diamonds and gemstones with prices that are guaranteed to beat the market rates.
  3. We manufacture your designs through certified world-class factories with employee and ethical labor regulations while meeting your design and pricing targets.
  4. We are a 3rd generation run company have been in business since 1956. We will take care of all your items as much as it was ours.
  5. We love to serve our customers with easy return policies for gold and diamond jewelry at the market prices for gold and diamonds when you return the product.  There are no gimmicks if you are no satisfied with us and you can easily return your goods.
  6. We can always make the possibility to adjust the designs to your needs will be with you through every step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure the final product will meet your quality specification.
  7. We offer all in-house services for manufacturing your Jewelry from your ‘Design to Product’.
  8. Local representation with offices in Canada, Austria and India for global distribution to meet your needs.
  9. World-class manufacturing and cutting edge leading technology and machines to meet all your intricate design and quality requirements.
  10. Ordering with us is easy, we will accept your email or creative ideas and turn them into reality to ensure you remain competitive in the market.