"We must constantly  pursue a path to produce  the finest  jewelery and sell the finest diamonds at the right price , in the exact quantity while maintaining the highest quality service for our every customer."
1921 - 1997



In 1985 M.A Cyril was awarded Pro Eccletia Pontifice, the highest civilian award from Late Pope John Paul for his service to the church and for his philanthropic service to the minority latin catholic society in India .



Mr.Cyril Moonthungal Augustine  established Cyril Jewellers in the year 1956 through his pioneering gold and diamond retail store at Palace Road in the ancient port city of Kochi, Kerala , southern India. Mr. Cyril was a visionary who came from a humble beginning and was determined and devoted to his entrepreneurial vision in the same strength that he had towards his faith and spirituality. His pioneering savings plan whereby day labourers could remit a small sum of money every week to own a piece of gold ornament was innovative. It lead a revolution whereby even the commoners could own an asset which was restricted to only the higher classes of society. Considering he was a devote christian he engaged himself with all regligious groups of ancient Kochi society.  A catholic, whose prayers and services have leaded the company till today.





M.A Cyril Group of companies have been in business in the city of Kochi , Kerala for over 70 Years in Jewelery , Real estate development & Gold loan banking  with a track record of outstanding service to community building & welfare . 
 B.Comm , MSc.
Executive Director
  • Founder - Cyrils Bankers - 6 Locations in India 

  • Founder - Cyril Builders  - Real Estate Development & International realty holding.

  • Founder - Augustus Cyril Jewellers  - Retail 

  • Bachelor of Commerce , 1972  from Mahatma Gandhi University , India.

  • Vice president of the All Kerala Gold and Diamond Jewelers  Association, India

  • Kochi District Congress member.

  • Lt. Regional Director of the Y'smens Club International of Kochi.

  • All Kerala Private Bank Association state members.

  • Member of the Bishop's advisory Board for the Koch iLatin Catholic Diocese

  • Elected as the Chief councilor of the Corporation of Kochi City in 1979-89.

  • President of All Kerala Merchants Union of the year 1973-74


  • Mount Allison University , Canada Bachelor of Commerce , 2005

  • University of Sheffield , MSc. 2008

  • Experienced executive with over 15 years  of management expertise in corporate envoirnments of various Fortune 500 companies worldwide in North America & Europe such as :

    • Exxon Mobil Oil  

    • Canadian Pacific Railway

    • Erste Bank

After the demise of Mr.Cyril in 1997, His third son out of his ten children ! ,  Mr. Augustus Cyril guided Cyril Jewellers to further diversify and establish the Cyrils group of companies into various lucrative sectors . He founded the iconic Cyril’s Bankers, a gold loan finance company that is registered with the Reserve Bank of India and operates at 6 locations in India.  He also established Cyril Builders a  real estate development and a worldwide holding company . Mr.Cyril still maintains the deep rooted tradition of jewelery through our retail outlet under Augustus Cyril Jewellers , Panaypilly , Kochi.  A multifaceted personality within the social circle, his wit and will governs over the Banking, Construction  and Jewelry retail business. We are proud to have him as a teacher and guide for all our major strategic decisions.